A Comparison between Solid Metal Bracelets and Bead Bracelets

A bracelet is a perfect choice of jewelry, when it comes with look simple as well as stunning. Both women and men love enhancing their looks with perfectly chosen bracelets. Now, when it comes to purchasing bracelets, we are left with various options for buying products. Some bracelets are simple, while some of the bracelets are complicated in design. You need to choose one as per your personality and choices for dresses. Two major divisions in bracelets can be seen these days. The first type is designer bead bracelet, while the other type is solid metallic bracelets.

Solid Bracelets Are Expensive

When it comes to solid metallic bracelets, they are more expensive than bead bracelets. If you choose pure gold or silver based solid metallic bracelets, you have to pay higher price for them. On the other hand, bead bracelets are inexpensive. If you choose silver or gold beads on your bracelets, you shall still find them to be more affordable than solid metal bracelets. Some women bead bracelets are designed with natural stones. They could be expensive as well. However, you have options to choose cheaper products, as artificial stone based bracelets are also available. You may find glass, marble and other materials for beads.

Bead Bracelets Look Trendy

While solid metallic bracelets have vintage charms in offering, beads bracelets look more contemporary. However, vintage collections can also be found with designer bead bracelet. Choice of material for the beads is the most important thing. So, it can be concluded that bead bracelets can be paired with different dresses. On the other hand solid metallic bracelets are suitable with ethnic dresses only.