Little Challenges When Designing Handmade Bead Bracelet

If you are planning to make a bead bracelet, then the very first challenge is to get the right measurement of the wrist. Using a standard measuring tape is one of the best and easiest options. But, it will be ridiculous if the size of the bracelet is exactly same as that of your wrist. This is because it will fit tightly, making your feel uncomfortable. So, make sure that you consider additional space while taking the wrist measurement. This means allowance of around ¼ - ½ inch at each end of the bead bracelet. Bead bracelet for women is widely preferred and one can make any type and design she want, to wear with her favorite dress.

The size measurement varies

In case you are wondering to make use of those chunky type beads, then the length should be more than the actual measurement. These beads consume more space than the others when encircle the wrist. When working with smaller beads, then you need to add just a little space at the end of the bracelets (on each of the sides) because the final length also includes the fastener. The use of filler beads will definitely reduce the measurement by more than an inch. Bead bracelet for women can be made more unique with the use of semi-precious stones, diamonds etc.

Small challenges with handmade bead bracelets

When it comes to handmade beaded bracelets, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can also search the design patters available online. If you find it hard to go with the complicated ones, then search for designs available for beginners. It is a little difficult when it comes to the fastener department as it demands a little creativity. Go with your own unique style, there is no hard and fast rule. Handmade Beaded Bracelets and women has become the style statement today!