Personalized Bead Bracelets

Bead bracelets are quite beautiful and easily manageable. Most of the bracelets are made of stretchable strings or cords and do not involve complex clasps or locks. If you want to gift your close one with a beautiful yet inexpensive gift then a bead bracelet is a great option. However, finding a suitable and unique bracelet is quite important. In this review, we have covered some unique bead bracelet types that can be personalized by adding a name or picture.

Ceramic bead bracelets

If you are looking for a stylish personalized bead bracelet for men then ceramic bead bracelets are a great option. They are made of ceramic beads of various sizes on which names or logos can be imprinted. There are several online bead bracelet makers that provide options to buy customized bracelets. Normal sized beads are also available on which alphabets can be printed. These beads are threaded in proper order to flash the name of your loved one. Personalized ceramic beads can be combined with normal beads to make beautiful bracelets that suit your taste.

Photo bead bracelets

If you want a personalized bead bracelet for women then buying a photo beads bracelet is a great option. This is a new and sophisticated form of personalized jewelry making. A photo bead allows you to fix a real photograph over it with the help of special equipments. Search online for a photo beads bracelet kit and you will be able to see all the equipments that come in the kit. You would also find a small software in this kit which you can utilize to resize your original photograph to fit the surface of the bead.

Pendant bead bracelets

Yet another great option to get a personalized bracelet is to have a pendant bead bracelet. It is a normal bead bracelet with a hanging metal pendant on which you can get your name engraved.