The Masculine Hand and a Unique Way to Accessorize It

We have all grown up seeing out fathers and uncles simply flaunting a bare watch on their wrists if at all. For those who have had the unique experience of seeing men wearing different bracelets in the seventies or nineties will surely have found those men walking a different path in life. Today, however, men are more open to experimenting. As a result, you will find that men are wearing bracelets of different kinds on their hands besides the watch which is taken for granted.

Toying around with bracelets

When we talk of men’s bracelets, there are different forms to experiment with. We are not only talking about leather bracelets or men bead bracelets here as it can be these and others as well. Indeed, it can also be bracelets of different kinds that are combined and worn on one hand to make a distinct appearance.

A unique style to flaunt

One style that looks great with day wear, even formal wear, would be a combination of leather and metal or bead bracelets. If you have worn a shirt in shades of yellow or brown along with a khaki colored pants and brown leather belt, pair the same with thin leather straps like bracelets and metallic chunky chain or a metallic beaded bracelet on either end of the leather ones. Indeed, with the right thickness you will be able to achieve a unique look that will make the ladies notice your hand all right and draw attention to your overall attire as well. It will make the formal wear acquire a more quirky and masculine undertone that will be sexy as well.