Unisex Bracelets In Various Styles

The designs of handmade beaded bracelets can be both homogeneous and heterogeneous. Now homogeneous bracelets are made of all universally same beads that are same coloured and sized. Naturally the heterogeneous beads are neither the same colour nor the same size. Now this may be a mixture too, with a line of same sized beads alternated by some heterogeneous beads and then again homogeneous beads. This is actually a fun to wear and experiment with the various types. Imagine you are wearing a special bracelet with gloss finish brown beads having all different shapes and sizes. Won’t it make eyes turn at it? The fun is to wear something different and stylish hence handmade beaded bracelets are on demand.

The use of gemstone colours

Gemstones always look special. Gemstones always have a subtle colour, and the different colours look translucent, sparkles and always give a colourful sparkling effect without getting too raw and opaque. That is why these colours can be worn by both men and women, and are just perfect for the unisex bead bracelets. Beads in such colour schemes can be made into bracelets both using same shape and size and also in different shapes and sizes, or while contrasting into alternating colours.

Use of flashy colours

Flashy colours can also be worn, and that can be planned when you are into that kind of attire. Solid and glossy colours like orange, blue, teal etc are great to wear when you are wearing opaque colour dress, or a lighter shade dress. These can be smartly carried by both men and women.

Bracelets can be worn in two styles as per fit. One that fits snap on the wrist, and another which hangs from the wrist with a gap from the skin. Both look great, and can be worn as per style statement of the individual.