At Kaïnam, our mission is to create beautiful, well-made jewelry for everybody. Our product line--consisting of premium bead bracelets, sterling silver jewelry and leather goods--is versatile, unisex and durable. Men and women, professional and casual, trendy and timeless; our collection has something for everyone.

Founded in 2015 by designer Yves Shlomo, Kaïnam is as accessible as it is beautiful. Our products are sold by more than 100 retailers worldwide, to a diverse customer base. Each piece is designed and handcrafted in Canada, with an eye for style and a commitment to quality.

In keeping with our founding principles, our products are both affordable and luxurious. We source the finest quality materials, including semi-precious stones and high-grade stainless steel, from respected suppliers. We design with an eye for detail, treating each piece as a work of art. And we manufacture all pieces to the highest standard, ensuring quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Above all, Kaïnam pieces are designed to complement the wearer--no matter what occasion or purpose. They look great when worn individually or as part of a stack. They serve as a fantastic complement to any premium timepiece.

Whether you’re looking for bright, striking colors, or subtle natural tones, you’ll find an item in our collection that has the right look for you.

Feel free to browse our catalog to find the perfect piece for your collection.

Kaïnam: Impeccable style; unbelievable value.